Our vision

We have big plans for the organisation, and everything rests on your help. 

We want to help the children learn and raise their awareness of the world.  We want to help the children be proud of themselves by facilitating their education.   We want to give the children in developing countries better education conditions.  In other words, we want to grow the seed to create the tree sheltering the next generation.

This is why we have created Paper for All, and we are confident that the impact we have now will grow with time. As the children grow up, they will be better equipped to help the next generation.

In the future, we would like to extend our actions
  • Where we currently target a few elementary schools, we could be helping many more in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso’s capital city.  We have identified 10 more schools, and can tackly distribution in a sustainable way with $35,000. There is a lot to do and children to help.
  • Where we focus on the distribution of academics supplies and tutoring we can add other forms of support for education, such as a training center to conduct professional training for students who drop out, most often because they cannot afford the academic fees and scholarships to reward the best students.  The training center support could include mechanical, electrical, English and French languages as well as entrepreneurship trainings.  They aim at improving the level of education of the people who get out of the educational system and help Burkina Faso in its development by providing better trained individuals.  This project is according to the Education Minister fully aligned with the Government priorities.  
  • Where we currently target one country (Burkina Faso), we could be targeting several countries, and create a network of similar organizations with a focus on education and learning conditions
  • For each of these project, Paper for All hopes to be able to gather sufficient support and financial support from the government, organizations and foundations to further and strengthen its impact, so that the children in Burkina Faso can benefit from better educational conditions.