Events / Outreach

We work hard to equip children with basic academic resources in Burkina Faso and allow lucky volunteers to go teach in Burkina Faso.  You can find us at or meet us during one of our events.  Every year, around December, we organize for instance a gala in Paris where we communicate about the charity, answer questons from candidates to the volunteering programme and collect donations from kind donators.

Kermesse with Barbara

Barbara, one of the inters, took part in a kermesse, here are some pictures


December 2011 Paper for All Gala

In December 2011, the Paper for All took place in the Burkina Faso embassy in Paris.  A speech from the ambassador was followed by a presentation and drinks/food/networking.  More details here.  Here are some pictures:

Paper for All organized a second gala game event in Paris in 2010. Thanks all for the organization and attendance! See you next time to have even more fun!!


Some other events: in the UK/2007: