What we do

Paper 4 All proposes four initiatives to support the education of primary school children:

    1. Distribution of supplies (mainly school supplies such as notebooks, pens, chalk, etc.)
    2. A tutoring program, where our African members are in regular contact with children of families in need.  Through this programme, educational conditions are improved through the provision of mosquito nets to fight malaria, storm lamps, academic fees to help the children learn out of the classroom.
    3. An umbrella network, of organizations with a similar setup and goal
    4. Summer programmes.


Paper for All encourages volunteers to contact the organization.  Potentially interested individuals, and particularly university students who are looking for a humanitarian summer job, can look at the Volunteering on the field page

Distribution of mosquito nets at the beginning of the 2008 school year

Canadian volunteers contributing towards our distribution program in October 2007