Action 16

Paper for All conducted its action #16 in April 2010.  Paper for All distributed in the four schools it serves in The Ecole de la Cite, Yakaa, Trame 1 and Trame 2 some 1,400 notebooks, 500 pens, 50 academy kis, 40 boxes of chalk and 50 erasers.  The (quarterly) budget was as usual comprised between $900-1000.  The kids are very happy to see continued support.  The professors feel rewarded of their efforts, especially as they write with proper chalk.

For on-going operations and expansion, the schools mentioned that washrooms needed repairs.  While this is the core mission of Paper for All, the cost for such projects is minimal, and the benefits huge for the children who can access water during their school hours, without having to go to the next school or shop.  It also participates in improving the learning conditions of the children, which is why the non profit is currently considering such projects.   Here are some pictures of the distribution.  As usual, the operations president in Burkina Faso, Alfred Kadsondo, did a great job at coordinating the distributions in the four schools.  Thanks to all our supporters and donators for their support.  This is the direct result of the collaboration of many people in various countries.  Again thanks and congratulations to all.