Action 18

In October 2010, Paper for All realized its action #18. The symbol of the first action in the academic year is very important and each year a ceremony is organized to gather the professors, children, team members, parents, government officials, etc. The impact Paper for All can have with small resources is substantial. For this action a fifth action was reached, for an overall number of children reached of 2500 now.  600 guests were present at the ceremony.

Members Present

Members were present and all teachers of the school, students, APE (Association of Parents) MEA (Association of Mothers of Pupils).  In particular:

- The Director of Basic Education in the Province of Kadiogo reprensantant Minister, who was representing the Minister of Education.

- The Inspector of the District Basic Education OUAGA 3

- The Mayor of the town of SAAB

- The counselors Inspector of Ouaga3

- The principals of all schools sponsored, who were very proud and gave their blessings to the P4A members

- The president of the Association ASSON

- The chief in the area.

- Parents, proud to be participating in the ceremony of Paper for All and the actions for their children

- Students very happy promise to make good use of its supplies.

Training center and classroom

Paper for all now has its training center for dropouts and children willing to learn more!  20 people have already come to pay us a visit. The hope is to turn this center into a center of activity for the organization, helping all people who would want additional educational means.


A general assembly was held two weeks before the event and during which an organizing committee was set up, with 4 members, namely:

- Mr Georges-Zour K (Chairman of Committee)

- Mr Amadou-Sawadogo (committee member)

- ECMS-Mr Issa (committee member)

- Mr Karim TAPSOBA (committee member)

This committee’s mission was the main organization of the events.