Action 10

October 2008: Paper 4 All distributed 850 notebooks, 2000 pens & pencils and 30 boxes of chalk

We matched the first days of the new school year and ensured that we provided notebooks (100-page: 600, 200-page: 180), pens (1000),  pencils (1000), 30 boxes of chalk and 10 algebra kits to the neediest children.  The children were thrilled and the professors delighted of the continued efforts.  Our actions not only enable learning and development but also entice the children to learn in better conditions and the professors to focus on their teaching.  Classes are still overcrowded with 100 students fitting in rooms of 30-40 and much remains to be done to help the people of Burkina Faso, but progress and perseverance is key.  We wish to thank again all our donors and supporters who consistently help us in our mission and assist the children of Burkina Faso in their development.


 The distribution of the academic supplies by our team on the field.







The bills for the supplies bought