Action 2

October 2006: Paper for All helped the 701 children of l’Ecole de la Cité de l’Avenir start the new academic year in better conditions

Paper for All led the way to repaint the boards, give additional notebooks and provide boxes of chalk (15 large boxes) for the teachers, so that the children start the new academic year in better learning conditions.
In October 2006, we decided to focus on the new academic year to offer better conditions to the children.  The teachers urgently needed chalks and the school boards were in a shocking state.  Paper for All therefore arranged for the school boards to be repainted and distributed 15 boxes of chalk to the teachers so that the children have better learning conditions.  
- Starting the new academic year in good conditions is crucial.  This second action significantly improved these conditions, as outlined by the feedback we got from the children and teachers.
- The school boards were indeed successfully repainted and the teachers could again write the lessons thanks to the chalks we provided (see before and after the action).
- The 701 children were delighted to be able to read the lessons again on the boards, and especially for the start of the academic year.


Notebooks being distributed to reward the students with the best academic performance





The school boards before and after our work



A thank-you letter from the School Director


The bill for the distribution