Action 4

April 2007: Paper for All distributed 350 notebooks as well as pens books, chalk and starter kits to the neediest children


In April 2007, Paper for All distributed 350 notebooks, 10 reading books, 4 calculus books, 250 pens, 10 boxes of chalk and 10 starter kits to the neediest of the 750 children.  In addition, the African entity of Paper for All, ‘Papier pour Tous’ was funded.  Finally, ideas such as sending French volunteers to teach and reinforce Paper for All’s actions are being explored.
- The 701 children having received at least 1-2 notebooks in the academic year, we focused on other academic resources such as reading book calculus books, rulers, pens, etc. (included in starter kits) for the pupils and chalks for the teachers.
- In addition, we asked the teachers and school directors to create a list of the hardest-working and neediest children in the school.  We want to make sure they are the first ones to benefit from Paper for All’s help.
- The creation of the African entity, ‘Papier pour Tous’ was also needed to contact people within the government and gain further credibility.  In the future, this could enable Paper for All to get support and possibly start sending French volunteers to teach.
- Feedback from the students has now also been collected.
- The feedback from the children shows how happy and proud they feel (letters below).  They want to learn and they are delighted to be given the means to help their family, friends and country.
- The teachers are also very happy to see that our actions are on-going.  Sending volunteers would now be a possible next step to further our actions.


The distribution of academic resources for the fourth action



The bill for the distribution


Thank-you letters from the pupils

Letter 1: “Thanks to the academic resources, we can finally work.  [...] We thank you very much”

Letter 2: “My class friends and I thank you for the academic resources you send [...] They reduce our parents expenses and help us not to give up on school.  Thank you for thinking of us.”