Action 5

July 2007: Paper for All distributed 350 notebooks, 100 pens, 100 pencils and 12 school books 


Paper for All continued diversifying the scope of academic materials distributed to increase its impact on the pupils.  350 notebooks, 100 pens, 100 pencils and 12 school books were distributed to cope with the needs of the pupils.
- The 701 children still need support in getting the most basic goods such as pens and notebooks.
- In addition, they absolutely need school books to be able to learn more effectively, which is why this action was focused on this aspect too.

The feedback obtained from the pupils indicated that they were once again very happy to see that they were receiving help for their academic efforts.  Our sustained efforts will allow the seeds to slowly grow to become trees sheltering the next generation.


Members of Paper for All distributing the academic resources to the pupils

And the bill the the supplies