Action 8

April 2008: Paper for All distributed 800 notebooks, 400 pens, 200 pencils, 20 boxes of chalk, 6 board rulers

Thanks to your support, Paper for All could cater for the two schools of Yaaka and Ecole de la Cité de l’Avenir for a total of 1,000 students.  800 notebooks, 400 pens, 25 boxes of chalk, 200 pencils and 6 board rulers were distributed.
This action will allow the students to finish their school year in good conditions and be equipped for their final exams. The teachers also received chalk and board rulers to better teach as the lack of school supplies is making their task difficult.

The students are very happy to and want to work harder to build their future The teachers are also very happy as the school supplies facilitate their work (see thank-you letters below). The children’s parents are also very happy to see that their children are being helped and wish to thank the charity and the donators.


The distrbution of the supplies with the school director and teachers, and our team on t





Thank you letters from the two school directors


The bill for the action