Action 44

In March 2018, the team including Emmanuel who came from France took the opportunity to go help with a few distributions.  6 schools received distributions. The standard structure of a school is usually 6 school rooms of 30-50 children each, for about 300 pupils per school.  As before, Paper for All focuses on the distribtion of academic resources to children.  This is a part of their needs, and an essential part. In addition, they usually need to pay a small fee which goes towards paying for school professors (~5-7 USD a year, knowing that a standard monthly salary is 30 USD in Burkina Faso).  And the government may then help with food as well.  In March, 6 distributions were made to 6 schools, with reserves set for a quarter/6 months and distributions overall to 10 schools.  Many thanks to:

  • Pascal Dabone for the distribution at Shalom school and Luc Therese scho
  • Gerard Ouedraougou for the distribution with Walk in the light international
  • Alfred for distribution at school Yaaka and Cite de L avenir
  • Doctor Yougbare for the distribution at the school of kourritenga in Dialgaye, kidibin
Here below some pictures of the distributions, as well as some of the invoices. As usual pictures speak better than words :)