3. The P4A Umbrella

What is the Paper for All Umbrella? After having been contacted by many small organizations acting in Africa, Paper for All decided to set up a network of small organizations that share the same purpose and profile: helping education for children

What are the benefits?  The benefits can be significant:
1. A presence in a network of like-minded organizations can allow improved communication, credibility and fundraising.
2. Joint communication and awareness efforts can be undertaken, thereby giving way to greater efficiency and impact.
3. Granted organizations get a link and a page on Paper for All’s website, thereby driving traffic.

Who are member organizations? Partner organizations can be found under the umbrella programme menu.  These organizations are believed to the best of our knowledge to follow the requirements and guidelines.

What are the requirements? Organizations must follow 5 guidelines:
1- The organization scope must be focused on education and the improvement of learning conditions poor countries in Africa
2- The organization must be a registered charity/NGO/association in a European country, the USA/Canada or Africa.  A proof or registration will be requested.
3- The organizations should have no affiliation to any religious, political, company or group of influence.
4- The organizations must be small with with limited resources
5- The organization should have a website and the ability to post photos of the actions

What is the process for application?
STEP 1: Please review the requirements above.  If you feel your organization complies, please complete this questionnaire and send it to admin@paper4all.org:   Umbrella Questionnaire
STEP 2: Paper for All will then review your application and may request more details.  If accepted, you will be given another document to complete your page.
STEP 3: In addition organizations are requested to put the logo of the umbrella initiative and the one sentence description below on their websites in the homepage or partners section

“[Organization name] is a part of the Paper for All Umbrella network.  For more details: http://www.paper4all.org/what-we-do/umbrella