E4N Foundation

E4N Foundation (Education for Needy Foundation) is a member of the Paper for All umbrella.  The ngo is believed to meet the conditions of the umbrella.  For more details on the criteria, please see http://www.paper4all.org/umbrella

E4N Foundation website  http://e4nfoundation.com is a charitable organization based in Kenya.

E4N Foundation (Education for Needy Foundation) is a registered, youth-led and run non-profit organization which believes in an equal opportunity for all. E4N Foundation is Located in Kapenguria, Rift Valley province in Kenya and was founded in 13 September 2008.

We focus on well researched approaches to establish meaningful and sustainable development in rural communities of East Africa by promoting self-reliance.


1-   Vision

The vision of E4N Foundation is to see a world where every child has a right to access quality and ethics-based education no matter their financial, religious, political, ethnic or geographical background.

We intend to reach as many kids as we can in East Africa and giving them a better start in life by offering them educational scholarships and scholastic materials.

2- Team and location

E4N Foundation is managed by a team of five committed members who tireless work to ensure the organization accomplishes its goal.

They including;

  • The Director who oversee the implementation of projects, establishes partnerships and calling for AGM.
  • Volunteers Coordinator. Receives, Briefs and Direct Volunteers.Ensure that tasks are allocated to volunteers.
  • The Accountant; Manages the finances of the Organization as well as preparing financial reports, budgets and tracking spending.
  • Secretary; Helps in typesetting, filling documents and Booking appoints.

All the members work on volunteer basis and this ensures that all donations we get are exclusively used to support our projects.

2-   Impact and needs

E4N Foundation Support children from rural communities of the Kenya and Uganda by providing educational support.

We are currently helping 300 children and hoping to reach 600 more children by beginning of 2012.

Particulars Units Unit Cost/Dollars Total Cost
Note Books 600 0.7 420
Pens 1200 0.3 360
Pencils 1200 0.1 120
Uniforms 600 7 4200
Text Books 400 4 1600
Geometric Sets 600 0.5 300
Graph Books 600 0.8 480
Scholarships 100 50 5000


To donate please get in touch with us on info@e4nfoundation.com or +254728794515

4- Pictures


5- How you can help 

We call upon organization, well-wishers and donors to help us acquire the materials shortlisted in the table above.

We welcome both financial, material and partnership donations.

 If you need to volunteer kindly get in touch with us. You can choose to volunteer online by working from the comfort of your home or work in one of our site. For more information, please check www.e4nfoundation.com


6- Sustainability

E4N Foundation runs incoming generating activities including an IT Centre which offers outsourcing jobs at a fee and a revolving loan fund that earns an interest which in turn supports our projects.

We are working round the clock to implement more income generating activities.