Kenya: Foutain Youth


Fountain Youth Group is a member of the Paper for All umbrella.  The ngo is believed to meet the conditions of the umbrella.  For more details on the criteria, please see

Fountain Youth Group is a charitable organization based in Kenya.

Fountain Youth Group is a registered community based organization in Kenya which was established in 2009 by local young people in Githurai to Nurture, Empower and Transform vulnerable local young people. This group is managed and run by local youths with professional skills.



Fountain Youth Group vision is to Nurture, Empower and Transform vulnerable local young people through it’s two project namely Nurturing and Turning point whereby Nurturing involves supporting 120 vulnerable children who missed out on free education to access quality education in community based school but Fountain Youth Group intends to establish Githurai Education center which will facilitate more vulnerable children and disabled children in the community to access quality education while Turning Point project involves offering entrepreneurship, hand skills and temporary employment to vulnerable local  young people.


Fountain Youth Group is an open membership organization to the local youths from Githurai, currently the group has thirteen active members who are involved in the day to day activities of the group and the following is a table showing their roles.

Mr. Josephat Bwire Project Manager Designing projects, fundraising, establishing partnership and supervising implementation of projects
Miss Ester Njoki Project Accountant Managing finances and preparing financial documents.
Miss Rhoda Wavinya Secretary Communication, preparing and safeguarding documents
Miss Rose Atieno Project Officer Data collection, supervise project implementation, research on projects and partnership
Mr. Dancan Juma Volunteer/Intern officer In charge of interns/ volunteers welfare, participate in project implementation.

The rest of members are actively involved in the implementation of the various activities of the group.

Fountain Youth Group is based in Githurai and Soweto which are informal settlements on the outskirt of Nairobi hence one hour drive from Nairobi along Thika road.


Fountain Youth Group through Nurturing project, it is facilitating vulnerable children who missed out on free government primary education and can’t afford education from private schools also the project is supporting vulnerable disabled children to access education at their centers because the government has no program for disabled children.

The Nurturing project has limited resources hence very hard to accomplish it’s vision thus we are in need of the following items per term to ensure vulnerable children access quality education.

Notebooks 120*7 0.7 588
Pens 70*3 0.3 63
Pencils 50*4 0.4 80
Toys 200 1 200
Reading books 120*7 2 1680
Rent 3 300 900
Teachers 5*3 70 1050



Fountain Youth Group kindly request organizations and individuals to support this noble exercise by donating pencils, pens, notebooks, toys and  reading materials for the children, the project also requires financial assistance to offset rent and salary for teachers. The group intends to establish Social enterprise Incubator which will sustain the education project in various ways hence the group kindly request for financial assistance, computers, embroidery machines, sewing machines, rearing chicken or rabbits, training opportunities for management team and markets for the jewellery and household mats which the group has engaged in and will be used to sustain Nurturing project.

The group is searching for any organization or individual that can support with the construction of Githurai Education Center which will facilitate more vulnerable children to access quality education.


Fountain Youth Group also kindly invite volunteers across the globe to volunteer on our projects hence reducing the cost of administration and bring on board professionalism from volunteers hence realizing the organization goals.


Fountain Youth Group intends to establish Githurai education center where more vulnerable children will access quality education hence this will be achieved through fundraising. The group also intends to establish social enterprises incubator which will create employment to the local vulnerable youths as it generates income for the education project hence making the group self reliance and sustainable.