Luhwahwa Youth Development Foundation (LUYODEFO) is a member of the Paper for All umbrella.  The NGO is believed to meet the conditions of the umbrella.  For more details on the criteria, please see

LUYODEFO is a charitable organization based inUganda.

Formed in 2000, LUYODEFO provides support to marginalized communities across the Kasese district of westernUganda.

1- Vision (Describe the vision and how it is linked to education and children.  Describe the short and long term vision.  5 lines maximum, you can reuse answers to the questionnaire)

Our vision is to have an empowered, environmentally friendly and healthier society. Since, everything starts with education; LUYODEFO considers educating children as the stepping stone and the frame of any intervention, both immediately and over the long-term. We will offer interventions to improve the education of orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs), whose result will improve a variety of other things from poverty, to hunger and to disease.  By supporting the education of these children, we will be giving “a life time gift”, not only for the children being supported, but for the child’s family, the community, and children of generations.

2- Team and location (Include number, names, responsibilities and relationship.  You can reuse answers to the questionnaire)

LUYODEFO has an executive committee/ board of 7 (seven) members, who are currently supported by 4 staff members (2 full time and 2 part-time), who are also supported by volunteers.

Biira Sylvia, is the chairperson, executive committee/ board. The board is responsible for formulating policies, approving budget for projects/programs, supervising and overseeing the entire organization management.

The Director, Ndungo Samuel, heads the implementation team, oversees the planning and implementation of programs, serves as the public relations officer, and also is the overall manager of LUYODEFO.

3- Impact and needs (Include here any cost of items you provided.  You can reuse answers to the questionnaire)

Shs $ Shillings (Shs) USD ($)
School fees Paying fees for 120 children annually 93,750 37.5 11,250,000/= 4,500
Exercise books – PICFARE 120 dozens of 96 paged books (including square books) per term – a total of 360 dozens per year 6,000 2.4 2,160,000/= 864
Ball pens – BIC 40 dozens per term – a total of 120 dozens per year 6,000 2.4 720,000/= 288
Lead pencils 20 dozens per term – a total of 60 dozens per year 1,800 0.72 108,000/= 44
Colored pencils 15 dozens per term – a total of 45 dozens per year 1,778 0.71 80,000/= 32
Mathematical sets 8 dozens are enough for children in primary three to primary five each term – a total of 24 dozens per year 21,600 8.65 518,400/= 208
School bags 120 school bags for 120 children annually 9,670 3.9 1,160,000/= 464
School Uniform Provide uniform (shirts, shorts, dresses) for 120 children 20,833 8.33 2,500,000/= 1,000
shoes 120 shoes (black) for 120 children 25,000 10 3,000,000/= 1,200
Reusable pads 200 kits of reusable pads for 200 girls in 3 partner schools annually 13,000 5.2 2,600,000/= 1,040
Total annual budget  (Exchange rate $ = 2,500 /=) 24,096,400/= 9,640


4- Pictures (Include some picture – optional)

5- How you can help (Include how other organizations can help you.  Examples can include funding, partnerships, materials, etc. You can reuse answers to the questionnaire)

We are seeking organizations, as well as individuals/ families to help support the project activities through monetary funding, donation of materials, volunteering, advice and spreading the project. We also appreciate any other materials not budgeted that can be used by school children (reading books, educational games/ toys, mosquito nets, sporting equipment, etc). We seek to explore any opportunity and possibility to create partnerships with organizations, schools/ colleges/ universities or individuals/ families to promote the education of OVCs in our project area.

6- Sustainability (Include any revenue generating activities or plans for continued growth.  You can reuse answers to the questionnaire)

LUYODEFO has diversify projects ranging from poultry, piggery, goat keeping, beekeeping, saving and micro-loan scheme, tree nurseries, catering item rental, etc, all aimed to provide and increase income for the resource poor people in our community. These projects operate on a cost-sharing system, where the income accruing is shared such that a small portion is returned to LUYODEFO to support its programs and expand its operations.

We also plan functional literacy classes, financial literacy and life skill training for OVCs who have dropped out of school as well as adults to enable them make practical living plans to have a sustainable living. We will encourage our beneficiaries to form village groups to provide social security, a social asset that provides cohesion among the communities. We will then develop new projects depending on community demand based needs, and the preferences/ priorities of each village group.

With sustainable funding, we plan to start a sponsorship fund to operate educational scholarship for the OVCs at primary, secondary and or college/ university level.