Hope Children’s Foundation Africa

HOPE Children’s Foundation Africa  is a member of the Paper for All umbrella.  The ngo is believed to meet the conditions of the umbrella.  For more details on the criteria, please see http://www.paper4all.org/umbrella

HOPE Children’s Foundation Africa, www.hcfafrica.org is a charitable organization based in Uganda and founded in September 2009.

1- Vision

2- Team and location

3- Impact and needs

4- Pictures

5- How you can help

6- Sustainability


1- Vision

Our vision is to support the health, education and safety of the orphans,widows and other vulnerable groups in the local communities of Africa (Uganda currently). We have an international team working hard to see that the charity achieves its goals towards the extended support to African communities in Canada and the UK.

2- Team and Location

The team is made of seven people in Uganda.  The location is Jo’Ven House Next to Global Trust Bank, Sir Apollo Kaggwa Road. ( It’s just 10-15 minutes away from the City Center, depending on the road traffic… It’s a well recognized place)

3- Needs and impact

The charity currently needs support in the following programmes:
i) Education Support Program (school supplies)
ii) Feeding Program
iii) Support for PLWHA Programs
iv) A Van
v) HCFA National School Construction 

The ngo has a register of 100 children. 79 are schooling and we support them with Scholastic Materials under the Education Support Program and the 21 children are not studying so these need help to sponsor their school tuition,health and other Supplies.  TWe also run a Feeding Program which covers all the 100 children.

i) Education Support Program

Many of the most families in Kawempe are in extreme poverty, yet the most significant part of a child is Education. It is our belief that every child has a right to an education and through basic education, communities can develop and the vulnerable families can be empowered to improve their quality of life. HCFA assists the children from vulnerable families by providing scholastic materials, such as pens, notebooks, etc.

ii) Feeding Program

The face of hunger in Uganda is in the eyes of the children. Many families in Kawempe are limited or nutritionally inadequate of food as a result of lack of money or resources to gain access to it. Some families try to survive the best they can, but it is very difficult, HCFA offers a feeding program that supplies a daily, nutritious meal to each child.

iii) Home Kits Program

Families affected by HIV/AIDS are often in need of very basic support as the may sometimes be unable to earn an income due to illness. HCFA provides these families with a kit that includes:  Blankets Mosquito Nets, Rice, Sugar, Posho, Beans, Cooking Oil and Soap. These supplies provide much needed comfort, safety and nutrition to People Living with HIV/Aids and families in need. 

iv) A Charity Van

The Charity is in need of a donor who can donate a Van which will provide, transport to the children/families supported by HCFA and at time used in field workshops for HIV/Aids Sensitization/Prevention Programs in the community.

v) HCFA Primary School

A school is needed to provide more educational support to the orphans & vulnerable children. It is known that Education is important to everyone child around the world, so why not give a chance to these orphans who have no chance to meet this goal. 

4- Pictures

5- How you can help?

You can help HCFA by becoming a fund-raiser for one of the projects; you can choose a project to support. There are many projects currently in need of support however if you wish to support or contribute to a project, please select on the list above for the projects that currently need support

How will my donation be used?

Your donation will directly support HCFA’s Orphans & Vulnerable families living Infected/affected by HIV/Aids in Kawempe . Any donation you make will provide generous support to these children  who would otherwise remain illiterate because their guardians/ grand mothers can’t afford to support their education. 

6- Financials and Sustainability

Here are some financials on the activities

The income generating activities we are planning will provide income for the people in our community but a small portion of the income generated will also be returned to HCFA to support our other programs.