Youth in Transition-Ghana


Youth in Transition is a member of the Paper for All umbrella.  The NGO is believed to meet the conditions of the umbrella.  For more details on the criteria, please see

Youth in Transition is a registered charitable organization based in Ghana.  Youth in Transition was founded in 2008 to respond to the formidable challenges children and young people face to their healthy growth and development.  For more information or to support the organization:,

1- Vision

Our vision and mission is to enhance the life chances of disadvantaged children and youth in Offinso by expanding the learning and economic opportunities available to them and assist them in achieving their highest potentials so that they will grow to become confident, competent and successful individuals.


2- Team and location


An elected 9-member Advisory Board provides leadership and delegate authority to the Executive Director. The Executive Director is supported by the Programme Coordinator, three Programme Facilitators, and Treasurer/Finance Manager. Apart from ensuring accountability of staff through oversight, the board supports the organization in developing   workable plans and identifying and mobilizing resources. In addition over 95 dedicated and professional volunteers provide variety of services to help the organization multiply its leverage of cash contributions.

List of cores staff and board:


Mrs. Grace Lerewani Adua                – Board Chair


Mr. Dubong  Namang                       - Vice Chairman


Ms Georgina Ajaani Bajawawoke       – Secretary


Mr. Emmanuel Hayford                    – Assistant Secretary


Mr. Charles Gyamfi                         - Financial Secretary  


4 others                                         – Members


Mr. Evans Amponsah                       – Executive Director


Mr Richard  Owusu                          - Programme Coordinator 


Mrs Mercy Acheampong                   – Treasurer


3 Programme facillitators                 - three other staff

3- Impact and needs

Schools on Offinso are poorly resourced as compared to schools in the big cities. Also Poverty undermines families and parents’ efforts to fulfill their parental obligations in meeting their children’s educational needs. The result of the situation is characterized by high school dropout rate and poor academic achievement and examination failures among students in the Offinso municipality.

To support quality education in the municipality, Youth in Transition requires:


Education materials and logistics including computers, to enhance teaching and learning that will impact positively on students’ achievements and the quality of teaching.


Bicycles for school children who walk long hours to school


Funds to provide instructional support to build teachers capacity that enhances teacher quality teaching in our schools.  


Van to facilitate the delivery of school supplies


Cash and in-kind donations to provide high quality study support activities which are within the reach of every child and young person during after school hours.


Support to provide wide range of accessible learning opportunities that extends, enrich and promote learning beyond the mainstream classroom.


Support volunteer tutors providing study support to children who are falling behind their peers.


Support “educational opportunity fund” to nurture a perpetual source of funding to increase needy but promising students access to secondary and post secondary education, especially young girls.

This year alone Youth in Transition distributed


75 used but strong bicycles worth GH¢ 2,250 (US$1,607.00) to needy student s who commute long distances to school.


Donated 25 recycled computers three Basic School in Offinso costing GH¢ 7500 (US$5357.00) to enhance access and teaching of ICT in Basic schools and to bridge the digital divide.


Distributed exercise books, pens, pencils and chalks and reading materials costing GH¢3,000.00 (US$2,143.00) to basic schools to benefit children.


Promoting sustained interest in reading among school children through formation of reading clubs in schools.

4- Pictures



5- How you can help

Youth in Transition seeks to accomplish its mission by focusing on 4 main areas of concern in order to support children and youth in Offinso, Ghana

Education- enhancing teaching and learning and ensuring that all young people in Offinso are well educated and are prepared for economic life – both in and out of school through study support activities, access to teaching and learning materials, provision of wide range of accessible learning opportunities, instructional support for teachers (in-service training to enhance quality teaching), literacy education, access to information and communication technology and secondary and post secondary scholarship for needy students


Youth Leadership and participation – empowering the youth to take active role in contributing to the quality of life, public policy, and leadership in their communities through service learning and community volunteering (exposure to personal leadership and youth development activities including community service), training in skills such as self-advocacy and conflict resolution, peer-to-peer mentoring, and exposure to role models in a variety of contexts designed to enable youth establish strong relationships with adults through formal and informal settings.

Employment and entrepreneurship – enhancing the employment and economic prospects of marginalized youth through employment preparation programmes, entrepreneurship promotion, and income generating to help youth join the mainstream of economic life.

Health and wellness – empowering young people to grow up healthy (both physically and mentally) in order to reach their highest potential and participate fully in community life, through health education and awareness, access to information and HIV/AIDS/STI prevention.  

The organization coordinate with youth serving institutions such as schools, health centers and organizations that employ youth. Youth in Transition is unique because it is rooted in the community and operates with community inputs, involvement, and investment, embracing the community as integral part of our success.

It also collaborates with the Ghana Education Service (Offinso) the National Youth Council (Offinso), Offinso Municipal Assembly (local government authority) etc.

We have 9-member Advisory Board and a staff of 5. In addition over 95 dedicated and committed professional volunteers provide variety of services to help the organization multiply its cash contributions.

Our organization also provides avenues for young people to take part in decision-making and governance as well as implementation and monitoring. It does this by giving them appropriate roles as staff volunteers, consulting with young people on progress and soliciting feedback on what improvements can be made as well as involving them in participatory research (assessment and evaluation)

6- Sustainability

The organization is committed to diversifying its revenue streams to generate income from both local and international sources so that it will not be dependent on a single source of income. We have also set up a “youth future fund”, an endowment fund to nurture a perpetual source of funding to ensure that our programmes are always there for the young people who need them.