2. Volunteering


Paper4All organizes volunteering programmes all year long with college students and workers. We recruit volunteers from all professional backgrounds and courses of study. Our network and partners allow us to help you in defining and carrying out different sorts of on-the-field experience, whether this be in education, health, industry, or other fields that may interest you. You can apply at admin@paper4all.org for further discussion.


Paper4All organise des programmes de bénévolat tout au long de l’année avec des étudiants et des professionnels. Nous recrutons des bénévoles présentant différents profils et parcours professionnels. Notre réseau permet de vous accompagner dans la définition et la mise en place de votre projet de développement et d’expérience du terrain au Burkina Faso, que ce soit dans le domaine de l’éducation, la santé, l’industrie, ou d’autres domaines qui pourraient vous intéresser. Vous pouvez poser votre candidature à admin@paper4all.org pour engager les premiers échanges.


What do volunteers do during the programme?

Our volunteers can do a number of activities, depending on their interests and objectives. Paper4All can assist you in carrying out activities such as :

  • Teaching and French or Math lessons in classes of 50-80 pupils, aged 6-14 years old. This is the main purpose of our summer volunteering program
  • Tutoring a small number of school children who have particular difficulties in learning
  • Gaining work experience in Burkina Faso in fields such as healthcare, construction, manufacturing, environmental preservation, finance, etc…


When does the programme take place?  

The programme runs all year long. A large team of volunteers is sent in the month of August to teach summer classes. However, we accompany volunteers all year long in volunteering trips and development projects.


What is Paper for All’s role?

Paper for All will take care of coordination, transport from/to airports and house, house and schools.


How to apply?

Please send us an email with your CV and a few bullet points on your reasons for applying at admin@paper4all.org

What experience is required?

No specific experience is required but a will to make a difference and spend time with the children. This is usually a very thrilling and rewarding activity.


Who were previous volunteers, can we get in touch? 

We will put you in touch with the volunteers who left during the previous years, we will put you in touch. In 2011, the volunteers came from French schools such as HEC, Sciences Politiques Paris, Sorbonnes, Ecole Centrale Paris.  One volunteer came from the UK. We remain open to volunteers from all backgrounds.


Are there conditions?

You need to have at least 18 years old and be autonomous to teach classes of 90 children aged between 6 and 14.  The spoken languages are French and English and you need to speak French at a medium level. Volunteers are also requested to be fully autonomous and take care of their own air transportation, visa, insurance and vaccines.


Can you get financial support? 

You may be eligible for a 1000$ scholarship from Volunteer Abroad Scholarship for airfare, and/or other costs. Go! Overseas is an online resource designed to help people look for programs abroad.  This programme is totally separate from Paper for All and all applications have to be made directly with them.  In addition, there exists some local funding (French state, regions, etc.).  Finally, some of your expenses can be considered as a donation and get tax deduction.