6-month volunteering: 2012

Nadège Perfetti, employee of Bouygues, volunteered 6 months for Paper4All during her sabbatical leave. She had an unforgettable experience staying with a local family and bringing her contribution towards teaching primary school children, for a duration of 4 months.  Below are some pictures and a description of a typical day:

She tells us:

“Wednesday the 18th 2012

Appointment at the local headquarter of the association “Paper for all” at 8:30 am, the sun was shining like usual at this period, we started to dispatched quantities necessary for each of the 5 schools. Outside temperature environ 40° degrees!
For each school, team/staff and pupils were happy to receive schoolstationery. It was the occasion to see everybody for a great moment. We took pictures to immortalize this distribution. Copybooks, pencils (etc) are counted by hundreds.
First, we loaded the car for 2 schools: YAKA and DASSASGO B.
We came in YAKA School in the CM2 class to distribute some schoolstationery, and then we continued at DASSASGO B School and gave everything to the director!
 Second, we went back to the local for the following schools. At the CITÉ DE L’AVENIR School we distributed in several classes and to finish we put down boxes/packages to the directors of the TRAME D’ACCUEIL A School and the TRAME D’ACCUEIL B School.
 It was a nice and useful morning!”